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Get the original Broke Backpacker’s Bible and find out how to travel longer for less.

Travel on just $10 a day!

    The secrets to traveling the world (for next to nothing)!

    Preparing to hit the road for the first time can be scary! How to Travel the World on $10 a Day arms you with the tips and tricks you need to travel the world with confidence.

    This isn’t just a book for Broke Backpackers. This is years & years of travel-tested advice crammed into one easy-to-read book. Learn everything you need to know to live your own adventure and have an unforgettable experience backpacking the world.

    What you’ll find in this book:

    • 11 Years of backpacker knowledge
    • 260+ pages of travel awesomeness
    • FREE for a limited time
    • Expert travel tips and advice
    • Plenty of cheeky stories


    Things You Will Learn

    Your World Travel Blueprints

    1. Let’s Talk about Travel

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    Get stoked to hit the road! Whatever pre-travel fears are holding you back – family, friends, jobs, money – I’ll show you how to overcome your hesitations and explain why NOW is the time to travel independently.

    2. Travel Inspiration

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    Time to get inspired! I’ll show you all of the amazing places in the world that are broke backpacker-friendly, plus highlight the best travel routes for newbies and more advanced routes for veterans. Figure out exactly where you want to start your adventure.

    3. Travel Planning

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    The best plan when backpacking the world… is no plan! Learn the tips and tricks to be prepared for your journey so you can wing it like a boss! Apps, visas, travel guides and the famous backpacker grapevine – everything you need to travel with ease.

    4. Finances

    Money, money, money! I’ll show you exactly how much you need to travel the world (hint; it’s a lot less than you think). We’ll cover my favourite ways to save money before your trip begins, and highlight a bunch of awesome backs to save money on your trip.

    5. Backpacker Hacks

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    I reveal nine years worth of travel-tested broke backpacker hacks that will help you save thousands of dollars whilst on the road. Discover how to travel even if you are broke. A lot of this information is not published on The Broke Backpacker and is exclusively available in this book!

    6. Travel Gear

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    Learn what is, and isn’t, worth carrying around the world with you. Detailed checklists for trekking and camping adventures plus my take on how much stuff you really need to travel in comfort.

    7. Staying Safe

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    Backpacking the world is one of the safest things you can do, learn how to keep yourself extra safe in foreign lands! I’ll highlight the real dangers faced by backpackers and how to avoid them. Super Happy Lucky Fun Bonus Tips for ladies…

    8. Health is Wealth

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    What’s the point of living a life of adventure if you’re sick all the time? In this chapter I illustrate all of the ways you can keep yourself in tip top shape so you can travel the world healthily! I’ve got food plans, workout plans, and some very important notes on vaccinations.

    9. Making Connections

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    Feeling overwhelmed by making new friends? Not great at starting up a conversation? This chapter will smash all of your fears, showing you exactly how to meet people and how to strike up a conversation with anybody using the famous ‘universal amigo maker’. Friends, love, sex, this chapter gets juicy.

    10. Solo Travel

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    Learn how and why you should travel the world solo with practical advice on how to only be alone when you want to be. Tips on how to make the most of your alone time by dedicating yourself to a new project or goal (like making some extra cash online).

    11. Wanna travel forever?

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    Travel is going to change your life. Wanderlust is scientifically proven, and if the thought of making travel a lifestyle appeals to you, this chapter will unlock all of the secrets of endless travel. Welcome to the Digital Nomad Revolution.

    12. Coming back Home

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    I’ll help you prepare for reverse culture shock (it’s shockingly real) and conclude with some final thoughts to make sure you are stoked to begin your adventure and see the world (because there’s no way you won’t travel at this point!).

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