With just one visit to Thailand, you’ll see why it is one of the most wonderful places to go backpacking! Not only will you begin to understand why Thailand has received the nickname “The Land of Smiles”, but you’ll also learn of some of the best places to visit in Thailand.

The truth is, Thailand is a must see place if you’re a digital nomad, an avid backpacker, a casual traveller, or just the curious spiritual type. There’s a lot of weird and wonderful places to travel to in Thailand!

You could get a fish massage where a tank full of fish nibble the dead skin off your feet… There are hotels where you might be told to ask the permission of ghosts before you can go inside…

Finally, Thailand will feed you strange foods, introduce you to wonderful people, and leave you believing in the nickname, “The Land of Smiles”. Here is my top list of the top 10 places to visit in Thailand. Also, you should eat pad thai.

Lady enjoy dancing in Thailand tourist place
Let’s put a smile on that dial!

Where to Stay in Thailand

Thailand literally bursts with hidden gems and beautiful spots. Deciding where to stay in Thailand might be one of the hardest decisions on your travels. Since not all of must-see places to visit in Thailand are located in the same city, you need to do some research before you start your travels.

Places to Visit in Thailand
1. Chiang Mai; 2. Pai; 3. Chiang Rai; 4. Bangkok; 5. Koh Lanta; 6. Koh Phangan

If you’re visiting Thailand for the first time, staying in Chiang Mai will be the best choice. The city is overflowing with beautiful temples, historical buildings and offers the right balance between city life and nature. It’s located in mountainous Northern Thailand, so you’ll be close to the famous village Pai and the unique city Chiang Rai too. 

For all the budget backpackers, you’ll fall in love with Bangkok. Cheap street food, affordable accommodations and an incredible amount of things to explore – sounds promising, right? We’re not going to lie, Bangkok can get a bit hectic, but it’s definitely a unique experience and a great place to stay in Thailand.

A Thailand visit isn’t complete without seeing some of the islands, right? To get away from all the mainland chaos, you should head to Koh Lanta. The island is known for being quieter and it offers stunning beaches and scenic natures. For all the romantic people – this is the place to go! And if you’re visiting for the infamous full-moon parties, look no further than Koh Phangan. With parties throughout the nights, even the most endurance night owl will be pushed to their limits!

Need help deciding between Phuket or Koh Phangan? Check out our helpful guide.

For a truly unique and memorable stay, consider checking out an Eco-resort in Thailand where your contributions go towards conserving the environment and supporting the local communities.

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The 13 Best Places to Visit in Thailand

In no particular order except the order that my brain thought of them in. For the quintessential Thailand backpacking experience, these are my personal must-go places to visit in Thailand (and my must-have experiences). 

If you have some different ones (Thailand’s a big place), you could comment below. Or write your own list. Or send a letter to your local representative. It doesn’t matter; let’s get the ball rolling! Please try to do at least one of these and don’t just spend your whole trip getting drunk in Thailands hostels (tempting though it is to do that).

#1 – Wat Rong Khun: The White Temple

One of the best places to visit in Thailand’s north

Wat Rong Khun: one of the best places to go in Thailand's north
A bit like Narnia…

The White Temple of Northern Thailand is definitely one of the most impressive places to visit in Thailand! A nine-building complex, it looks like a large ice castle. Parts of it, such as the fish-filled pools, are beautiful. Some sections are stranger, including the truly bizarre statues.

There are areas that are just plain nightmarish. You need only see the centre of the temple, where dozens and dozens of white hands reach up from the ground, to see what I mean!

If you’re making a list of places to visit in Thailand, this is considered one of the biggest tourist attractions. I first encountered it while making the Mekong River slow boat cruise from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang (in Laos) and knew I just had to return for a deeper exploration.

#2 – Thailand’s Hell Temples

Not necessarily a must go place in Thailand for everyone…

Hell Temple hands: Places to see in Thailand to get the heebie jeebies
That’s a lotta high fives! One of the more unique places to visit in Thailand…

Is swinging by hell on your Thailand itinerary? Would it surprise you that one of the best places to visit in Thailand is one not all travellers have the stomach for? Hell temples are like gruesome museums where you can see what Naraka, a kind of purgatory, looks like. However, be careful of coming here with kids or after you’ve had lunch!

Most of the exhibits include gallons of red paint and in some cases, moving parts. It’s a lot like a game in an arcade. First, you put in a coin; second, parts begin to move.

However, with a hell temple… you might find yourself regretting doing so! It might not be one of the top places to visit in Thailand for everyone but it definitely is one of the more far-out things to do in Thailand.

#3 – Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Thailand’s biggest floating market and a must see (and eat… mainly eat).

Floating markets are one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand
One of the most traditional places to visit in Thailand are floating markets!

Why is the Damnoen Saduak one of the must-eats in Thailand? It is the most popular floating market in the country! Floating markets are one of the top places to visit in Thailand for a mean feed in a unique setting. They are also one of the best ways to experience Thai culture and cuisine.

Coconut pancakes, fresh fruit, noodle bowls… all kinds of assorted delicacies! However, you’ll want to make sure to arrive at the market by 7 am. By 9 am, the traffic jam of small boats is crazy enough to keep you trapped for hours! Definitely one of THE things to do in Thailand.

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#4 – Dance at a Full Moon Party

C’mon. Don’t act so surprised. You knew it’d be on here.

Full moon party at one of Thailand's islands
Full-moon parties – definitely one of the most chaotic places to visit in Thailand!

When it comes to the question of “when to visit Thailand”, the answer is always “during the full moon!” The full moon brings up to 30,000 people to the island of Koh Phangan (one of the most beautiful Thailand islands to stay on) for a huge party.

  1. There is music.
  2. There is dancing and drinking.
  3. …Actually, forget about three.
  4. Finally, there are endless DJ’s and even fire-dancers!

The party goes so late that many backpackers don’t even book accommodation on Koh Phangan at all. They take a ferry to Koh Phangan, party all night and then ferry back the next day. The theme of a full moon party is neon.

The skin of the partiers is painted in neon. Drinks are served in small neon buckets with a handful of straws. Plus, if you stay late enough, you might even get the chance to try out the flaming jump rope. However, this might take several buckets of booze first.

So if you’re still wondering about all the places to see in Thailand, dunk your head in some booze and forget you ever cared about the culture in the first place! Although, full disclosure, the full moon party is loud, crowded, and expensive… there are lots of much cooler and lesser-known parties and nightlife in Koh Phangan, so keep an eye out!

#5 – Tonsai Beach

The destination in Thailand for climbing and deep-water soloing.

Climbing at Railay and Tonsai Beach
Despite its faults, Tonsai is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand.

Tonsai is a climber’s bubble same as the Parvati Valley is a stoner’s bubble. Backpackers go here to climb, smoke Thailand’s shitty weed on the beach, and drink some excellent mushie shakes. It’s fair to say that it’s a must visit place in Thailand for climbers.

Deepwater soloing is similar to bouldering but with one vital difference. You’re over the water and you have no ropes. You fall; you die. Jokes! You get wet.

Maybe once upon a time, Tonsai was a hidden gem for experienced climbers but now it’s a total bubble. Many backpackers with zero experience in climbing visit this place in Thailand to get shown the ropes (boom) and see if climbing is their jam.

Last time I was there, there were a few resorts with more being built so I’d suggest hurrying up if you want to catch it before its essence is truly gone. All things aside, the landscape is truly mesmerising.

#6 – Wachiratarn Waterfall

Waterfall abseiling at one of the top places to visit in Thailand.

Wachiratarn Waterfall: one of the best places to visit in thailand
The waterfalls are known for being one of the best places to visit in Thailand.

Water abseiling is absolutely one of the most kickass things to do in Thailand! If you didn’t know, regular abseiling merely means to rappel down a rock wall. How is waterfall abseiling different? You guessed it!

First, you rappel over the cliff edge. Next, you lower yourself to the ground while also getting pummelled in the face by a waterfall! Tom Cruise eat your heart out!

The Wachiratarn Waterfall inside the Doi Inthanon National Park is 985 feet from top to bottom and is one of the best natural attractions in Thailand. In fact, its astounding height makes it a highlight of Thailand and a great place to visit to get your feet wet.

#7 – The Water War of Songkran

The best place to visit in Thailand for a Southeast Asian variant of a water balloon fight.

Experiencing songkran festival in Thailand
That looks decisively more fun than the Hell Temples…

Festivals are a Thailand highlight for many travellers and Songkran is arguably the coolest and one of the most amazing ones in Thailand! Each year on April 13, 14, and 15, Thailand acknowledges the Thai New Year with the Songkran Festival.

During this time, businesses close and the people who don’t want to participate – nicknamed “Sulking Hermits” – will stock up food and lock the doors to their homes. Those who fly overseas and avoid the event altogether are called the “Smart Dudes”. Finally, the people outside during Songkran are the “Wild Wet Fans”.

Buckets, bowls, water guns: all of these are weapons during the festival. In fact, these are even used on cops! Don’t worry: they’re long used to it. However, before you throw in as a Wild Wet Fan, you should know the rules of Songkran.

#8 – Cabbages and Condoms

One of the best places to visit in Thailand sells… condoms? …And cabbages?

Cabbages and Condoms: another of Thailand's top tourist attractions
I’d like some cabbages and condoms, please! But, hold the cabbages.

The Cabbages and Condoms restaurant does more than selling cabbages and condoms. With the motto “The food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy” the restaurant is endeavouring to do more than just serve great food or sell condom-themed keychains.

In fact, they’re trying to make the point that purchasing condoms should be totally normal! Furthermore, it should be so normal that you take cabbages and condoms home together. How could this not be one of Thailand’s awesome (yet uniquely Thailand) highlights if not one of the most exciting things to do in Thailand?

Maybe this is actually the one of best places to visit in Thailand to get wet…

#9 – Mahawangchang Elephant Camp

One of the best places to visit in Thailand to bathe with elephants.

Mahawangchang Elephant Camp - One of the top destinations to go in Thailand
Follow this adventure up by buying some Thailand elephant pants! It’s a backpacker rite of passage.

Elephant experiences are one of the things to do in Thailand, aren’t they? There’s never a lack of exciting things to do in Thailand! At the Mahawangchang Elephant Camp, you not only get to ride one of these magnificent animals. You also get to take a bath with them!

While you’re swimming in circles around the wet elephant or trying to ride its slippery back, your guide will be taking pictures with your camera or cell phone. He’ll snap dozens or hundreds of photos of you and your elephant having a good time.

You could also volunteer in one of these camps. Definitely, the best way to visit Thailand, don’t you think?

#10 – Lopburi

Goddamn glasses-stealing cheeky lovable bastard.

Lopburi is one of the top places to go in Thailand to see monkeys
This can be one of the most frustrating places to visit in Thailand… watch out!

One of the best places to visit in Thailand is Lopburi… but protect your wallet! Prang Sam Yod, a shrine in Lopburi, is the home to sneaky, photogenic monkeys. These monkeys steal bags, jewellery, purses and most of all, hats.

Also, the monkeys bring a lot of tourism to the city making it one of the points of interest in Thailand thanks to these little devils. Thai locals are so appreciative of this tourism, once a year in November, they bring the monkeys an entire meal. It’s messy, but these cuties deserve it… kind of.

#11 – The Museum of Death

Look death in the face… literally.

Museum of Death: the next top place in Thailand for grusomeness
Definitely one of the scariest places to visit in Thailand!

When it comes to sightseeing and travel adventures, you won’t be let down visiting Bangkok. Bangkok is an awesome city and there is so much cool shit to see. The Museum of Death is a must-see destination on many Thailand bucket-lists! (Just don’t eat before you go!) The point of the exhibits, while gruesome, is to teach a lesson.

You get to see the liver of a real alcoholic to steer you clear of alcoholism. You might improve your diet after seeing the inside of a heart that had had high cholesterol. This is one highlight of Thailand your camera and stomach won’t soon forget! Definitely one of the top places in to visit in Thailand and to spend some time at.

#12 – Wat Pho Temple

Buddhas and Temples – always the best places to visit in Thailand!

Must See Buddha Destination in Thailand
How you doin’?

When it comes to Thailand’s top attractions, almost everyone already knows that the Grand Palace is one of the biggest. However, you may not know about the temple practically next door! Inside Wat Pho is the biggest Buddha statue in all of Thailand.

At 46 meters end-to-end, this statue is truly a behemoth! If you’d like a cool Thailand thing to do that isn’t a photo-op, you could always get a massage. Wat Pho is both a temple and a massage school!

Still a bit sore after passing out at the Full Moon Party? Well then, the monks of Wat Pho can take care of that for you! One of the best Buddhist places to visit in Thailand.

#13 -Ko Phi Phi

Some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands to visit.

Snorkeling at Thailand's islands is a must do
So. Damn. Clear.

It’s true that, while they might be pronounced similarly, Ko Phi Phi and covfefe are two very different things! One of the most beautiful islands in Thailand, coming to Koh Phi Phi most likely means you love the water. Those who come here to dive and snorkel get to see leopard sharks, turtles, and seahorses.

With the growing popularity of free-diving (diving with a single breath), there’s still the opportunity to see amazingly clear waters and calm bays. Definitely one of the coolest places to visit in Thailand.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Visit in Thailand

So, there you have it! Finding the best places to visit in Thailand won’t be a problem. Actually, it’s deciding where NOT to go that’s the problem! The truth is, the best way to create your own list of the best places to visit in Thailand is to get out there and find them.

If you’re worried about your travel budget, don’t be! Travel costs in Thailand are very affordable, making it the dream location for every backpacker.

I really can’t stress enough just how good the pad thai is. Well then… on your bike! Uhh… tuk-tuk.

If we missed any cool places to visit in Thailand, let us know in the comments below! On that note: The Land of Smiles is waiting!

A man hitchhiking in Thailand
Thailand is waiting!

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!